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Awareness Through the Body:

A way to enhance concentration, relaxation and self-knowledge in children and adults by Aloka Marti and Joan Sala. 304 pp, 264 color photos, 7 ¼ x 9 ½ Published by SAIIER Price: $32.00 order info “infinitely graceful way of teaching is warm and uncluttered…” http://www.auroville.org/journals&media/books&cds/Body_awareness.htm

 Sri Aurobindo and the Motheron Collective Yoga

edited by Eric Hughes 75 pages, paperback Price: $4  Special shipping and handling $1.50 Edited by Eric Hughes and originally published by Matagiri in 1973, this 2011 edition honors Eric’s 80th birthday.

The Mother’s Flower Blessings The Mother had always a close affinity with flowers. She has revealed spiritual significances of over 800 flowers from tropical and temperate climates. Flowers established a subtle yet beautiful communication between the Mother and her children of all ages. In this boxed set there are two sets of sixty-four flowers with the comment of the Mother for each one, for divination or memory game. $16




by Mangesh Nadkarni. Hard Cover 135 pp 6 x 9 Sri Aurobindo Society Price: $16.00 order info Collection of six lectures given by Dr. Nadkarni: “The Current Hindu Upsurge in Sri Aurobindo’s Light, Can India Ever Be Great Again?, “In Matter shall be lit the spirit’s glow”, Acting on the World: the Unfinished Agenda of Spirituality, Sri Aurobindo and the Indian Intelligentsia, Two Perspectives on Man and His Future.


VOLUME ONE (BOOK I: CHAPTERS I-VI) CHAPTERWISE SUMMARY TALKS by ANANDA REDDY 187 pp 5.5 x 8.5 Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research Price: $9.95 order info This book is a transcribed edited version of talks delivered by the author on the first six chapters of Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine. Dr Reddy’s approach is to explain in the simplest of terms the main philosophical arguments presented by Sri Aurobindo.

Integral Education

by Partho HB 306 pp 5 ¾ x 9 Published by Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry Price: $26.95 order info Based on his own practice as a teacher and teacher educator, the author describes the characteristics of an integral teacher and an integral learning environment and how these differ, in essence and in detail, from the current mode of education generally followed in the modern world.

Alchemy of the Soul

Integral Healing: The Work of Psychology and Spirituality by Arya Maloney 200 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paperback, Blue Dolphin Publishing Price: $17.95 order info “Arya Maloney updates the basis and practice of transpersonal psychology by using the spiritual principles of India’s masters and the transformational alchemy inherent in his clients’ processes. His work is both enlightening and informative.” – Arnold Mindell

Integral Psychology

Yoga, Growth, and Opening the Heart SUNY Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology by Brant Cortright 232 pp SUNY Press 8.8 x 5.9 Price: $21.95 order info It’s a pleasure to read someone who is so steeped in an Eastern approach, and who can relate it to contemporary psychological, clinical issues. For example, whole chapters link behavior change therapy to karma yoga, mindfulness to jnana yoga, and heart-opening to bhakti yoga. In these and other chapters, sometimes with clinical examples, Dr. Cortright demonstrates his superior integration of Aurobindo’s original theory, his own adaptations, and his use of such understanding in psychotherapy. – Jeff Shapiro, Amazon review

Yoga Psychology and the Transformation of Consciousness

Seeing Through the Eyes of Infinity by Don Salmon and Jan Maslow 440 pp, Index, Notes, Bibliography, Audio CD with Various Breathing Exercises, Contemplative Exercises, And Reflective Meditations, 6 x 9″ Price: $19.95 order info “The human future depends on a spreading awakening to a spiritual reality that Western cultures have been prone to deny. Salmon and Maslow bring together ancient Eastern spiritual teachings with the most advanced of Western science to help us penetrate the illusions of culture, helping us not only to understand the nature of spirituality, but even more, to experience it. A profoundly important book.” —David C. Korten, Ph.D., board chair YES! magazine and author The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community

Hitler and His God

by Georges Van Vrekhem, Rupa & Co. 6 x 9 index 700 pp. Price: $28.00 order info Hitler remains an enigma in spite of everything that has been written about him. Historians confess their perplexity openly. How was it possible that an unknown, solitary and futureless front-soldier in 1918 became some years later the Leader and Messiah of the German people? To explain the foundations of a people who made Hitler possible, Van Vrekhem undertakes, in the book’s second part, a deep-probing analysis of the historical background. All this brings Van Vrekhem to his central theme: Hitler’s possession by the “god” who inspired him, guided him, brought him to power — and dropped him when no longer needed. This leads the author, in the third part of the book, to the unexpected but well-documented role of Sri Aurobindo in the action against Hitler before and during the Second World War.


The Intermediary Between The Human Being & The Supramental Being by Georges Van Vrekhem 189 pp. quality paperback Price: $12.00 order info “As man arose out of animal, so out of man superman shall come,” said Sri Aurobindo.Overman is a metaphysical book which dwells upon the evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo and Mother and in particular her concept of “surhomme” as a transitional being, the Overman.


edited by Robert McDermott 288 pages, paperback 6 x 9 1 / 4 Price: $18.95 order info Lindisfarne Press has released The Essential Aurobindo in a new edition. Edited by Robert McDermott, philosopher and former President of the California Institute for Integral Studies. He has written an interesting afterward since the Shocken edition. Highly recommended as an introduction to Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Auroville. Ask your local bookstore to carry at least this book.

224 pp paper Price: $17.95 order info The book left me in a golden haze. I believe it will touch the hearts and speak to the souls of those sincerely seeking to make sense of themselves and these terribly trying times. – Robert A. Johnson The Savitri Legend…a unique and potent insight probing into the very terms of our present mortality and future of the body… – Michael Murphy, cofounder of Esalen Institute, author of Golf and the Kingdom and TheFuture of the Body The Savitri Legend is a masterpiece of spiritual adventure. Beautifully and intricately crafted, calling forth the rich kaleidoscope of sound, sight and psyche that is India, it is also a weaving of the strangely interconnected lives of those who would find the soul’s true purpose. Gods and humans, myth and mystery are the matter of this compelling work. We are reminded that each of us is living a part of a Greater Life, reflecting ancient myths in modern themes. Indeed, the reader is set forth on a spiritual journey of her own following the brilliant path of the Savitri legend as it unfolds in us today. This is a work to be savored as much for its luminous writing as it is for its spiritual power. – Jean Houston, Author of A Mythic Life Other books by Savitra: Auroville, The First Six Years (out of print) Auroville, Sun Word Rising


by Claude Arpi forward by the Dalai Lama 432 pp hardbound Price: $24.00 order info This book is an in-depth study of the origins of the fate of a nation. The newly formed United Nations granted recognition as ‘nation-state’ to a number of small political groupings with no past and no previous historical existence, yet a two-thousand year old nation-culture was, almost without an international whimper, completely erased from the map of Asia. Friendship at any cost with China led India to the very brink of war in 1962. Nehru, the idealist, realized the blunder too late and personally never recovered from the blow. The one person who could have rewritten this script, Sardar Patel, died in December 1950. Fifty years later, this ‘friendship’ with China remains elusive. Claude begins from the time Buddhism was introduced in Tibet and studies the evolution of the Priest-Patron Relationship with the Mongol Khans and later the Manchu Dynasty. He observes the effect of the British Empire with its expansionist policies and its rivalry with the Russians. He looks at the conservative attitude of the Tibetan clergy that blocked all the efforts for modernization by the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, who in his prophetic Testament, warned his people of the impending avalanche: “and long and dark shall be the night”.


(Paragon House, 1998) by Georges Van Vrekhem Forward by Dr. Karan Singh. 548 pp, including six pages of photos and extensive references. Price: $34.95 for Indian HarperCollins edition $18.00 for paperback edition       order info Many consider this to be the most important book on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother to be published in the West since The Adventure of Consciousness. Includes interesting historical, philosophical and spiritual perspectives combined with thorough research from the source material including Mother’s Agenda.


translation and commentary by Sri Aurobindo 469 pp paperIncludes Sanskrit verses, English translation and extensive commentary primarily fromEssays on the Gita, along with Appendix and References. Price: $17.95 order info The argument of the Gita resolves itself into three great steps by which action rises out of the human into the divine plane leaving the bondage of the lower for the liberty of a higher law. First, by the renunciation of desire and a perfect equality works have to be done as a sacrifice by man as the doer, a sacrifice to a deity who is the supreme and only Self though by him not yet realized in his own being. This is the initial step. Secondly, not only the desire of the fruit, but the claim to be the doer of works has to be renounced in the realization of Self as the equal, the inactive, the immutable principle and of all works as simply the operation of universal Force, of the Nature-Soul, Prakriti, the unequal, active, mutable power. Lastly, the supreme Self has to be seen as the supreme Purusha governing this Prakriti, of whom the soul in Nature is a partial manifestation, by whom all works are directed in a perfect transcendence, through Nature. To Him love and adoration and the sacrifice of works have to be offered; the whole being has to be surrendered to Him and the whole consciousness raised up to dwell in this divine consciousness so that the human soul may share in His divine transcendence of Nature and of His works and act in a perfect spiritual liberty.


Sri Aurobindo’s Teaching and Method of PracticeCollected Letters of Sri Aurobindo 401 pp. paper Includes Notes, Glossary of Names and Terms Price: $18.00 order info An excellent introduction to Sri Aurobindo’s thought with excerpts of letters to disciples. Topics include “The Integral Yoga and Other Systems of Yoga and Philosophy”, “Planes of Consciousness and Parts of the Being”, “Experiences and Realizations”, “Difficulties in Transforming the Nature” and much more.


edited by Peter Heehs 388 pp. paperIncludes Preface, Introduction, Notes, Appendix, Further Reading, Chronology, Glossary Price: $26.00 order info An excellent compilation of Sri Aurobindo’s writing divided into six parts: Nationalism and Beyond, The Indian Tradition and the Future, The Individual – Society – Humanity, The Evolution of Consciousness, Yoga and Life, Poetry of the Spirit. All excerpts are introduced and all selections are complete pieces (essays, letters or poems) or main divisions of longer works.


by The Mother 309 pp paperBlack and White pen and ink illustrations, one color plate Includes References, Glossary of Flowers Price: $19.95 order info Contains more than 800 flowers arranged alphabetically by botanical name with significances given by the Mother and many quotes from Sri Aurobindo. Alphabetical indexes of common names and spiritual names are listed at the back for easy reference.


by Satprem 231 pp paperPrice: $16.95 order info Could it be that life’s raw material, the cell, conceals a power of consciousness of a “vibratory mode” that would make obsolete all our cerebral means and our dead-end devices? A “mind of the cells” that will open up new energy sources to us, new means of communication, a new power to handle Matter: a new biology and new consciousness that will enable us to meet the challenge of a species on its way to self-destruction. –Satprem Culled from his extensive conversations with The Mother, as chronicled in the 13 volumeAgenda, Satprem documents the progress of her inner journey, her own yoga of the body. Numerous quotes from the Agenda are referenced throughout the book.



90 minutes Price: $10.00 A most interesting talk, by Georges Van Vrekhem, given at the All USA meeting 2000, and the basis for his new book in progress. Highly recommended.


90 minute cassettes Price: set $27 plus $3 S&H order info Prof. Mangesh Nadkarni has been one of the outstanding lecturers on Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem, Savitri. He has conducted week long intensives all over the world, especially during the Darshans in Pondicherry. We have hosted him a number of times at Matagiri and had him as one of our principal speakers at our All USA meeting in Connecticut in the summer of 2000. We are delighted to present his series of talks given at Matagiri on “The Book of Fate” where he gives a basic introduction to Savitri.



Manufactured by Cottage Industries at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Price: $1.50 per packet 10 packet minimum, $5.00 S&H for any quantity

Frankincense, Amber, Jasmine, Musk, Rose, Sandalwood


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