An Examined Life, Reflections on Thoreau’s Bicentenary with Richard Geldard

Date: 11/12/2017

2017 is the Bicentennial of Henry David Thoreau’s birth, with events taking place around the world. The source of his lasting fame is more than the experiment at Walden Pond and his influence on later protest movements by Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Thoreau led a deeply examined life, one lived consciously and fully and gave us powerful examples to follow. This talk by Professor Richard Geldard, whose books on Emerson and the Concord Circle examine the lasting influence of this flowering of wisdom teaching, will explain why it remains vital and sorely needed today.

Prof. Geldard will sign his recent book, “An Examined Life”.

Co-sponsored with the Emerson Resort, Route 28, Mt Tremper, NY.


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Emerson Resort
5340 Route 28
Mount Tremper, NY 12457

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