Latest Issues:

Matagiri’s 48th Birthday

Eric’s Memorial Service

Eric’s Passing

Previous Issues:

Darshan Message August 2015

August Darshan 2015

Mother’s Mahasamadhi 2014

Kireet Joshi Passes

Madeleine Gosslin and William Greaves

August Darshan Newsletter

February Darshan 2014 Newsletter

Darshan Message 8/15/13

Darshan and Matagiri’s 45th

Karma Yoga Day, Nakashima Benefit, April Darshan

2013 February Darshan

August 15th, 2012, Carel, Arabinda Basu, Nehdia, Six Pillars

Darshan Message, Remembering Sam, All USA Meeting

April 12: Yoga Unveiled, Darshan

March 12th: Cassia, Book Release, Benefit Screening

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